Young Adults

Families often have tried many different ways to help their young adults access help, and to change the way the family functions when behavioral health difficulties become evident. They may try to “love”, “nag”, or ” discipline” their young adult into help. These methods almost always backfire on family members, and may actually create more unmanageability in the home or school environment. There are proven, effective ways to help young adults access the help they deserve. The family becomes a very meaningful component of intervening, when planned appropriately, and structured to be most effective. 

We will help you through the pain, frustration, confusion, and fear that families feel when their young adult is struggling with substance abuse, or other behavioral health crisis. Fear can hold us “prisoner” to the staus quo, but our fear can also be used as a very powerful motivator toward change within the family. 

We maintain a well established referral base to help with program and facility selection among the leaders in care provision. We want to make sure your loved one receives the best possible care in an environment that promotes healing. 

Older Adults

As we age, the addictive process begins to take a greater, faster toll on our well being. Age related issues need to be taken into consideration when choosing a program of recovery for older adults. Sometimes, retirement brings on late onset alcohol or substance abuse, just when life was supposed to become “easier”. Sometimes, prescribed medications may become a problem. There may be different detoxification needs, mobility issues, age related health and wellness needs, cultural issues related to growing up in different eras, and grief and loss. 

There are programs and facilities adept at working with more experienced adults. They take a holistic view when assessing the nature of the difficulties, and in developing a prudent plan of action. 

We will help you through the entire process of intervening with the utmost in respect, professionalism, dignity, and confidentiality. We will help your loved one access the help they deserve, and help your family begin the healing process.