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Addiction Recovery Professionals

Proven, successful ways to implement and sustain change.

The addictive process and behavioral health issues impact virtually every family or business. Whole systems can feel out of sync, and hope of positive change can be hard to come by. We can help.  Since 2003, we have been providing excellent, client centered care options for persons, families, and businesses. Behavioral Health issues and illnesses affect virtually every family, and can seem overwhelming and stressful. We have designed proven methods to help people access optimal help, and to begin a process of healing, even when previous efforts have been unsuccessful.  We can also help those who have completed their primary care with proven, successful methods of helping them to implement and navigate recovery. Recovery rates increase dramatically with the proper level of resources, counsel, family, and accountability.


Intervention-  All behavioral health issues.  We can help you to initiate change and begin the process of recovery. Nationwide service.

Recovery Case Management-aiding  those in early recovery by helping navigate early recovery, creating accountability, and coordination of care among providers.

Individual / family counseling-Helping families to heal, those newly in recovery to support their new lifestyle, and helping navigate the ups and downs of change.

Clinical Transportation- safely transport to/ from facilities or home

Assessment- identifying the issues at hand and developing prudent courses of action.

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All services provided with the utmost in dignity, compassion, and confidentiality. You can be assured your provider will be an experienced, credentialed/licensed professional. Plans of action are designed with each family’s own unique circumstances and persons in mind and practice. Families can heal, lives can change for the better, and hope can be restored.