Recovery Case Management 

Real recovery starts after primary treatment. There are many variables to incorporate into a good continuing care plan. It can be difficult to coordinate the many layers, while providing families the opportunity to gain their peace of mind and health.

RCM provides added counsel, accountability, and coordination of care. Many people have multiple providers after primary treatment, and RCM helps to keep everyone “pulling in the same direction”. Each RCM experience is hand tailored to the person and circumstance, and helps the newly recovering person and their family to navigate early recovery. 

  • Individually designed
  • Increases recovery rates
  • Stresses follow through with continuing care recommendations
  • Replaces family/ business in monitoring recovery



Clinical Transportation

It can be helpful to have an experienced clinician transport your loved one to/from treatment or home to ensure safety. We can help with transport across town, or across the country. 


Individually tailored counsel to aid families in healing and in establishing healthier boundaries. Tele-health friendly, and all communication platforms are workable. 







We can help you and your family begin the process of change and healing. Licensed/credentialed professionals will help you every step of the way. We believe in a person-centered approach, and adjusting to fit the unique needs of the person of concern and family. 

  • Alcohol use disorder
  • Drug use, including OTC
  • Gambling
  • Sex/Love addiction
  • Gaming/ Internet

“The kindness and support made it a great experience during a very vulnerable time in my life. I have never been happier.” J (MN)

 “Thank you for your passion and support”   A (FL)

“Celebrated 4 years and things are going quite well. Thank you again for your kind assistance.” P (FL)

Our son celebrated 4 years and just completed law school. He is the happiest he has ever been.” A (CO)